My Birthday: Lady Vengeance

(When I prayed in my forest shrine for guidance
The Spirits gave me a knife…)
My golden hair flows over my red gown
My blue eyes stained with black tears
Who will be the next that I must sacrifice myself to
For Him?
(Blade of silver, into which I can see his face,
Stained with blood and raven feathers…
The heavens wept when He fell-)
His ghost is with me as I dance,
his dark shadow teases in the club lights,
he flickers alive then dead in the eyes of lover-killers watching
(And with enraged eyes, the heavens saw the weapon in my hands
though my gown was White-
Oh my Black Angel
Is seven ages of suffering enough for you?)
But my sorrow, my death
Is to invisible everyone
Save the angel-ghost
(Oh the heavens lament
The death of the Golden Tree-King
A Sacrifice encompassing the world
But what of my silent sacrifice of White?)
Today the Seventh has killed me also
But with this last death I find myself alive
And as I celebrate, with white cake
My Birth
The smoke rises to a crystal chandelier overhead with red candles
And all is quiet
As an Angel passes overhead…
(Oh I am Crimson Lady
Buried in snow light
Who alone suffers the dying
Of a world that is ghost-
 *Of the One who fell*)
The boy appears to me
In my room
And just as I am about to confess the Secret
He covers my mouth with his hands
And gives me a branch of white poplar
 (He whispers in my ear-
‘It is now enough-’)
This Lady Vengeance
Finds herself free now
The blade has penetrated this maternal ghost heart seven times
And now the angel-boy has pulled it out-
*and placed it in my hands*
Oh I can see Him through the mists of Time
With every death He became more alive
And now as my last lover has killed me-
He appears before me, regal, immortal…
(This day the angels are gathering to remember the Death
But now the knife will point to the true murderer-
And all will say
*She has suffered in innocence*)
Oh the lies that fell from the lips of lovers
that have pierced this Virgin heart
And killed the Angel seven times-
Lies are Legion but the Author is One
I can see you face to face now, mine Enemy
Oh there is still a Truth that is still Virgin, unpenetrated
My slicing is deeper than Lies
Oh I am Lady Vengeance
Whose Truth shines silver, eternal blade
Let my athame hiss sweetly tonight
 © Rachael Bulla Feb 26,  2007




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