Phoenix at Giza

Amongst the sun-burnt desert of Giza
The once luminous limestone pyramid still sings its Bennu song
As the sun flashes its rays in rainbow prism
Through the diamond capstone
The Eye pierces the Edom heart of Set
And the ancient Horites sing, ‘He will avenge His death! Oh the Sun of God is risen!’
Deep within the cavernous womb of the great pyramid
One of the Seven Sleepers lies invisible as Amun in his sarcophagus
Illuminated with violet light
The God of the Underworld lies vampyric
Feeding on the rays of the sun behind the sun shining at midnight
Like the Phoenix drinking from the manna of the flowers of Lebanon
Like Lucifer drinking from Aurora’s dawn of silver-gold breastmilk
As the River runs with the starlit blood of Adonis
Leading to the path of the Northern Cross
The Sphinx’s Eyes close for a moment of silence as Her Wings shake with sorrow
Oh fallen Cygnus!  Oh world that has drowned!
Oh Great Flood which has left you in salty sands
May your paradisiacal verdeur return
May palm trees grow aloft your Hanging Gardens
May the Cedars of Lebanon and Oaks of Bashan sing once again of Her Wisdom
Showering the mines of Serabit with turquoise
(And the Golden wisdom of the slaves of Wallachia)
May the 72 scribes of Ezra write it
May the 72 elders of Moses write it
May the 72 scholars of Phoenius Farsaid write it
As a star from the Pentad falls from heaven
And Babel’s fell speech is heard in Cairo
The curse of Horus
May the Name of God be spoken to part the Sea of Reeds
As a star from the Pentad grows brighter in heaven
Guiding those lost at sea
As Osiris resurrects beneath the waves in dream
Arising aloft the summit like perching on a Tree
The burning iridescent glorious song of the Phoenix at Dawn!
                        © Rachael Bulla 8/16/2016

Bennu depicted on ancient Egyptian papyrus, public domain


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